100 Companies to be Looking Out for in Digital Health

“At the gateway of the transformation of the global healthcare industry by digital technology players, the market is extremely volatile. Start-ups show up, promise to disrupt the entire health scene, but go down just as fast having not received the necessary funding. Others change their
profiles, partner with big pharma companies or lose the battle with another start-up providing a better technology. In addition, there is the issue of hype, buzzwords and over marketing, which calls for careful consideration. In spite of all the challenges, The Medical Futurist team
is working tirelessly to stay ahead of the turbulent market changes and bring you the list of the top 100 companies every year.

This year, we posed the question not just what the features are to gain ground on a turbulent market, but what the key is for a company to remain a significant player for a longer time, and we found that if a venture, start-up, or enterprise comes up with a solution that addresses a real-
world need, it will definitely find its place on the digital health market for many years. Of course, ‘real-world need’ is a fairly broad category, but it basically means touching upon a patient need or a healthcare issue that has not been solved before in any other way.” Read on in the below PDF for more information!

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