About Me

Hyper Innovation is an Innovation-as-a-Service agency that de-risks investments for Fortune 500 companies and funds through strategically vetting and validating startups, running rapid test and learn experiments with emerging tech, and identifying best bets for commercialization of new ideas.

We identify new business models and innovative applications for AI, VR/AR, IoT, Blockchain and other technologies across industries including FinTech, Sports Tech, Transportation and Mobility, and Connected Health.

This website is for our existing partners to have access to information on the evolution of their projects, our learning and the possibilities of what’s to come down the pipeline. We have curated content for each partner, including relevant information from companies and trends in the market space or connected spaces.

We are currently engaging with a global insurance company in a series of rapid test and learn experiments involving the validation of other companies in the healthcare industry doing cool things with technology. We are looking to answer the question: How do we integrate technology so seamlessly into everyday life, while solving for solutions to keep healthy people healthy?

Additionally, our second engagement involves exploring the capabilities of the IoT, and RFID tagging in shipping logistics for a Wisconsin-native trucking company. How can companies beat the “Amazon curve” and utilize technology to stay relevant, stay ahead, and create efficiencies in their business models?