Who Should Attend

Investors, business strategists, and innovators who want to learn about blockchain and cryptocurrency while conducting a real-world experiment.
(Those wishing to work on their own blockchain concept instead of the experiment provided should send a team of at least two (director and above preferred) to represent strategy and technical development perspectives).


Week 1
November 2-3, 2017: Two-day hands-on workshop session

Week 2
Week of November 6, 2017: Optional half-day onsite session to review projects and give feedback for those working on their own projects

Week 3
Week of November 13, 2017: Scheduled one-on-one coaching calls/Skype sessions for QA and troubleshooting

Week 4
November 30, 2017: Half-day peer mini-summit debrief session


Husch Blackwell
33 E. Main Street
Madison, WI (Map)

Learn From a Leader in the Space

This unique 4-week Lab is led by Silicon Valley veteran and author of the Blockchain Design Sprint Workbook, Moses Ma.  Moses is passionate about blockchain technology, and runs the FutureLab Blockchain Lab, where he is developing a number of blockchain initiatives and projects. He is a VC and innovation expert who works with senior executives at global companies, and a visionary praised in Time Magazine, the New York Times and other publications.

Hands-on Learning, Coaching, and Peer-to-Peer Facilitation

Cost for session using a provided case example:
2-day Workshop
One-to-one coaching calls/Skype sessions
Half-day Peer Debrief Mini-Summit

Cost for session if working on your own blockchain project:
2-day Workshop
Half-day onsite session with personalized critique and review
One-to-one coaching calls/Skype sessions
Half-day Peer Debrief Mini-Summit
$2,495/person* + $2,500 for half-day onsite option

*Members of Hyper Innovation receive a 20% discount on this session (learn more about membership). 

This unique, highly interactive event offers a personalized approach via “learning by doing” - leveraging the design sprint approach used by companies like Google and Nest – with a laser sharp focus on the blockchain market.

Working with expert coaches and engaging with other participants, you will get hands-on experience deploying an actual blockchain to fully understand the ins and outs. We will focus on tools and strategy in the workshop and peer debrief with protoyping occurring on Weeks 2-3.

We will offer a special opportunity to learn all about ICOs (Initial Coin Offering) by participating in developing and deploying the Hyper Innovation ICO!

In May of 2010, someone on a Bitcoin forum by the name of Lazlo claimed to have bought two pizzas for 10,000 bitcoins. It was the first time anyone had purchased anything with the new digital currency, which at that time was valued at practically nothing. Today, the cryptocurrency market is worth nearly $113 billion and those 10,000 bitcoins would be worth more than $32 million. Most of the cryptocurrency market is in Bitcoin, followed by Ether, the currency used by the smart contract platform Ethereum. Now tech giants, like Microsoft, IBM and Amazon, as well as major Wall Street banks, including JPMorgan Chase and Citigroup, are investing in blockchain technology, the underlying class of technology that started with Bitcoin.

Demystify the hype with this fun, dynamic, and engaging learning experience that will lead to immediate, actionable results and an opportunity for hands-on experience with blockchain in a small group setting. Learn how to:

  • Accelerate innovation by learning powerful design sprint methodology, used by Google, Nest and many other tech leaders
  • Use new rapid blockchain prototyping tools to quickly launch and market test interactive pilots of your blockchain ideas
  • Master a new way for inventing radically disruptive blockchain business models
  • Explore the differences between first, second and third generation blockchain applications
  • Stress test ideas for breakthrough blockchain applications in your industry
  • Take part in the Hyper Innovation ICO and learn-by-doing how ICOs actually work
  • Learn from your own experience and the experiences of others with in-depth debriefs and comparing of notes

Next Steps

To maximize personalized attention, we are limiting this Lab to just 25 participants. Request an invitation to this unique event.